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Tweedie Helensburgh

ChipSafe Mens Wallet

ChipSafe Mens Wallet

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ChipSafe Men’s Wallet holds your most commonly used debit/ credit card in a RFID protected slot so that they are safe and secure. Uniquely it allows contactless payments to be made without removing the card.

Made from quality natural leather which is ethically sourced and sustainable, ChipSafe is offered in a variety of styles with two variants; leather or leather & heritage Scottish tweed combo.  ChipSafe holds your one/ two most commonly used debit/ credit card(s) in RFID protected slots so that they are safe and secure. RFID protection prevents accidental payments or malicious theft of card details.

However, unlike other card holders and wallets, ChipSafe lets you make contactless payments without removing the card from its slot. Simply slide the card partially out of the slot using the thumb hole, make your payment and slide it back. This is safer than removing a card from a wallet as it reduces the amount of handling the card receives, which is helpful in these Covid times.

Slim and compact ChipSafe protects your cards fully while keeping them convenient, secure and easy to use, safe in the knowledge that the cards cannot be read until partially pushed out.

Packed in an attractive gift box ChipSafe makes a durable, practical, attractive, useful and safe gift for everyone.

Leather Guild is an award winning and unique creative design studio and manufacturer that uses materials made by craftspeople and artisans.  Leather Guild products feature luxury leather which is 100% sustainable and ethically sourced along with unique designs of Scottish wool tweed woven in Scotland.

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