Q: Who is Leather Guild?

A: Leather Guild is an award winning and unique, creative design studio and manufacturer. Located near Glasgow in the beautiful scenery of Loch Lomond, the foundation of the company’s designs are the brining together or “Guild” of tradition, heritage, creativity and quality leathers and Scottish Tweeds.

Q: What is Tweed?

A: Derived from the Scottish words tweel or twill which is a common weave associated with the cloth. Tweed is a natural fibre cloth, woven with a soft open weave and made from 100% wool.


Q: What is the difference between Harris Tweed and Islay Tweed?

A: Harris is an Outer Hebridean Island and Islay is an Inner Hebridean Island. The difference doesn’t end with location. Islay Tweed has a unique characteristic of it’s own, due to the Victorian looms used in the weaving of the cloth. Islay Tweed has a tight dense weave allowing Leather Guild to have the cloth Du Pont Teflon coated further enhancing the moisture and stain resistant properties of the cloth.